Five-year-old me wanted to just keep wishing on every birthday candle, shooting star and 11:11 hoping and praying my wish would be granted that it would magically go away. High School me wanted to pretend nothing was wrong and just brush over it with a simple “I was born like this,” but present me wants to conquer the world with it and own it after all it is my body, right? Now I’m sure at this point your thinking to yourself; “What the heck is this girl talking about, what is ‘it’?” and I promise I’ll get to that.

If you looked at me in a crowded room standing there you wouldn’t notice anything. You will see my long brown hair, olive colored skin and if you got closer you would see my green eyes.  Now trust me I’m not trying to describe the best parts of me because walking up to me you have already heard my loud Italian voice, and seen my big thunder thighs and bubble butt. You will talk to me and still not notice anything, but the minute I take a step you see it…the limp. The limp that I have dreaded and hated so much in my life….and no I promise you I didn’t hurt myself, I didn’t get into an accident I just have Cerebral Palsy, and yes that is a disability and no don’t be sorry for me.

According to google Cerebral Palsy (CP for short) is a motor function disorder that is caused by brain damage at birth or in the early stages of life when the brain is still developing, which causes poor muscle tone and body coordination. According to me it means the joy of having stiff, tight and weak muscles all the time which is what causes the limp. There are many different types and stages of Cerebral Palsy, I happen to have a mild case of Spastic Diplegia. Which means I am only effected from the waist down. If you want me to be really honest with you, I’m not into the technical side of my disability, and don’t think much about that side either. For me, it’s the daily struggle that gets me, remembering to stretch twice a day, take my baclofen (muscle relaxer), and constantly think about every step I take.

So if you’ve made this far and are still interested I guess now I’ll explain my thought and purpose behind “Eyeliner & Empowerment”. It’s not to dwell on my misfortune or too explain the scientific side of it, it’s too show you how I live and thrive with it. It’s to show you that imperfection is actually beauty and how far a positive mind set can get you. Eyeliner & Empowerment is not just for people who have Cerebral Palsy, trust me there is so much more to me than that and I plan on sharing all of that with you. So, by now I hope I sold you on subscribing and becoming part of the Eyeliner & Empowerment family.