Gifting A Unique Wooden Watch for Him this Valentine’s Day

It’s funny to think that you all have been reading my blog post and YouTube videos for a year now, and yet all you really know about me is my Cerebral Palsy side. I mean I suppose that makes sense being that’s the whole reason I created Eyeliner and Empowerment in the first place, right? To spread awareness and give my little tips and tricks about living with a disability. I think that needs to change though, I truly stand by the term “you are not your disability” meaning yes I get it I have a disability but my disability doesn’t have me… at least most days it doesn’t and even when it does it’s not all of me. Cerebral Palsy is not your looks, interests or hobbies. There is still so much about each of us when we take Cerebral Palsy out of the equation.

Like for instance I love all things beauty from hair to makeup and fashion. I love, love. Literally. Everything about it, seeing people in love and being in love. I’m a total sucker for Valentine’s day too. So when I received an email form JORD asking to make my fiancé’s Valentine’s day extra special and to be in a partnership with them I was totally on board. To be truthful, I hadn’t heard of JORD when I received this email, but of course I went straight to the source… Instagram. I was blown away with how beautiful these wooden watches were. I was also extremely excited because I knew my fiancé would love it, especially because since we got engaged he has been saying he wants a wooden wedding ring so it knew this watch would be perfect.

JORD is a watch company that makes hand crafted wood watches that are truly unique, using 13 different wood types used alone or in combination depending on the design of the watch. Don’t get jealous ladies there is also a women’s shop as well as the men’s shop too. The one I choose for my fiancé was from the HYDE series Stacked Sandalwood & Olive with Ivory. When it arrived on our doorstep it was elegant from the start in a black matte postal package with JORD printed in white on the bottom right. When opening the box, you flip up one side and then you see it, the beautiful wooden box with a J on it. The wooden watch was placed perfectly in the middle with a small microfiber cloth and 100% natural finishing oil for your watch as well as well as a smaller polishing cloth for the face of the watch. The wooden box that your watch comes in is beautiful, with a magnetic top that comes on and off and a small draw on the bottom. JORD did not skimp with their packaging, it was truly high quality from the moment the package was in my hand.  

Opening up and seeing my fiancés new watch for the first time brought so much excitement to me. It was simply perfect. I like to describe it as the wooden “Rolex”. The quality was strong and sturdy, it was trendy yet beautiful and elegant. The best part is your JORD watch comes sized and ready for you to wear along with the option to have it engraved. It was so perfect and I was so excited to give it to my fiancé I couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day and decided to give it to him early. To say the least, he loved it, like I knew he would. His favorite part was the large watch face along with the small details that JORD puts into their watches to make them perfect.

Well now that I made you all fall in love with JORD this Valentine’s you have a chance to get a great discount of your own. If you enter you will have a chance to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! One lucky person will win but everyone who enters will receive a 10% off code once the contest it over.


Giveaway link:


The giveaway will close February 18th at 11:59pm.
The $100 and 10% off Coupon Codes will expire March 4th for the one lucky winner and all participants.
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“Don’t forget where you started from…”

Hello friends,

I promise I didn’t forget about you. In the mist of trying to grow Eyeliner & Empowerment and raise as much awareness about Cerebral Palsy as I can through my YouTube channel and Instagram I put my blog on the back burner, which I’m not sure why? It’s so much easier. Instead of sitting there all dolled up in front of a big ring light that makes me sweat by the 50th cut of video, I’m sitting here drinking an ice coffee, makeup free in a big tee shirt and comfy shorts & my hair is in a big messy bun…and not cute kind either.

I figured I take this time to updated you on my life. Basically I have always thought with my right side of my brain, which means I think creatively. Since I was toddler painting, drawing and designing have been constant in my life. I think I was the only 10-year-old girl who would think opening up a brand new paint set and think it was the most beautiful thing. I simply I have always been a creative person and as much as I love writing and letting all my thoughts flow though my finger tips for hours at a time I needed to challenge myself creatively, but I just couldn’t figure out how.

I didn’t always have the idea to make YouTube videos. It sort of just happened when I googled Cerebral Palsy and noticed there was no real everyday life information on the disability. Don’t get me wrong I could spend hours reading the terms of CP and a ton of doctor and physical therapist information, but it was written all extremely serious. Enough to even scare me and I have been living with this disability since birth. It was then when I started to really think and pray on an idea on how to get the Cerebral Palsy stuff that no one really talks about out there in the internet world. Fast forward a few days later I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw a “Summer Life Hack” picture and a link to a video. A light bulb went off and I went to YouTube typed in Cerebral Palsy Life Hacks and nothing came up. I made a quick outline of how I wanted the video to turn out, dragged my fiancé around with me to be my “camera guy” and sat on my computer for hours and taught myself how to use a video editing software…and by hours I really mean days. It was hard I’m used to being a Graphic Designer, so editing a video was a whole new world to me but with the help of coffee, google and my determination I did it. I uploaded it and was shocked to see that the video just kept going up now I hit over 10K views on it. If you want me to be truthful I could care less about the views, what made me keep going with my next video was the outpouring support from you all, the emails, the comments everything was so amazing. I never felt so much support from so many people, I was simply on cloud 9. Within a month or two later I uploaded my next video which was a Question and Answer video with my mom a two-part video and now I’m getting ready to upload my 10th video.

I was so focused on my new YouTube channel that I didn’t even realize or think about my blog. It was when I received an email from one of my subscribers that brought me back to reality. The email was short and to the point…

“It’s a shame that you stopped writing on your blog. I love your videos but your writing spoke to me. Don’t put so much of your time and energy into just one thing and don’t forget where you started from with Eyeliner & Empowerment.”


Still reading that I feel my heart sink into my stomach and not because the email upset me, because it’s true. Eyeliner + Empowerment started from me in my PJ’s late at night typing on my laptop. It was SIMPLE. There were no ring lights, no cameras and no hours of editing. It was just myself writing what was on my mind. Don’t get me wrong I still do absolutely love making videos but I can’t forget where Eyeliner & Empowerment originally came from. So with that being said I’m going to try my hardest to post at least one or two blog post a month along with my YouTube videos. Now, don’t hold me to that because sometimes life does get in the way, but Eyeliner + Empowerment deserves the best of both worlds.